Custom Handmade Orders

At Next of Kiln Studio, we specialize in creating custom handmade pottery tailored to your vision. Here’s how it works:

1. Consultation:

Reach Out: Contact us via phone at 406-285-1712, or email us Share your ideas, preferences, and specific requirements for the piece(s).

2. Crafting:

Handcrafting: Your piece is meticulously hand-thrown or hand-poured and detailed.
Firing: The piece undergoes drying and an initial kiln firing for durability.

3. Glazing and Final Touches:

Glazing: Choose your desired colors and finishes.
Final Firing: The glazed piece is fired again to set the finish.

4. Delivery:

Quality Check: We ensure the piece meets our high standards.
Pickup/Shipping: Collect your piece from the studio or have it shipped to you.

Why Choose Us?

Personal Touch: Every piece is handcrafted by Teri, ensuring uniqueness.
Attention to Detail: We focus on quality and precision in every custom order.
Get Started

Bring your ideas to life with a custom piece from Next of Kiln. Contact us to start creating your unique pottery today!